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With the increasingly stringent environmental standards, calcium and zinc complex stabilizer has become an industry trend. Now PVC heat stabilizer roughly lead salts, compound calcium zinc, organic tin, organic antimony, organic auxiliary heat stabilizer, rare earth compounds.

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What are the advantages of calcium and zinc complex stabilizer that make it stand out? Here's a look:

1. Calcium and zinc complex stabilizer green environmental protection without heavy metal elements (lead, isolation), can meet the new environmental standards (such as the European Union RHOS directive, REACH directive, etc.) standards.

2. Calcium zinc composite stabilizer vulcanization resistance pollution in the field of PVC doors and Windows profiles, the use of calcium zinc composite stabilizer in parts of the north of China (a large number of use of sulfur coal caused by acid rain) prone to black phenomenon, and calcium zinc heat stabilizer will not be polluted.

3. Good system switching characteristics of calcium and zinc complex stabilizer.

4. Low density, can appropriately increase the amount of calcium carbonate, reduce the cost.

PVC Foam Regulating Agent

PVC foam regulating agent is factly a kind of PVC processing aids ,it concludes all performances that PVC processing aids has .The only difference is the molecule weight ,its molecule weight is much higher than PVC   processing aids.

  PVC foam product,the destination in which macromolecule polymer is added , on one hand it is promote PVC plasticize ,on the other hand it is improve melt strength . so as to get good appearance foam product .As different factory has different equipment ,process ,raw material and lubrication system ,as well as product ,we could our company study center can aupply good processing condition and dosage

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TYPE Intrinsic viscosity( η) Volatile matter(%) Apparent density(q/cm3)   Passing rate of 40 mesh fineness(%)
SP-400 11.0-12.0 1.3 0.30-0.50 98
SP-30(530A) 10.5-11.5 1.3 0.30-0.50 98
SP-80 11.0-12.0 1.3 0.30-0.50 98
SP-90 10.5-11.5 13. 0.30-0.50 98
SP-50 10.5-11.5 1.3 0.30-0.50 98


principle for Foam agent choice

a .PVC in different degree polymerization ,such as PVC-700, PVC-800, PVC-1000 ,must use different foam agent .

b. suitable melted speed

c. full melt strength

d. good melt flow

e. note blance of inside and outside lubricating

f. different product ,such as foam board,foam slab ,foam sheet ,plastic foam board ,lead to plastic foam board ,ect should use different foam regulating agent .

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