PA6/ PP/ TPU/ EVA/ EVOH/ LDPE+CNT Hotmelt Adhesives film and Omentum

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In the touch film products, sensors, film substrates and other core components using cutting-edge nanoscale materials, so there are also distributors will touch film called “nano touch film “.

Nano touch film is a new and transparent touch sensing film. If the film is pasted on the inside of the glass window and glass wall, the glass window/wall can be transformed into a large touch screen. Nano touch film is an anti-static fully transparent nano touch film produced by the application of nanomaterials, printed circuits, integrated chips, software and other technologies. It can realize all the actions of the mouse, and has achieved multi-touch, which is a revolutionary change of human-computer interaction method.

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Users can watch multimedia advertisements of high quality products in the outdoor street, and can touch the glass surface of the window with their fingers to select and query the display content. When no one touches it for a certain period of time, the system will play the set advertisement or other selected information autonomously, and when someone touches it, it will automatically switch to the interactive information query state.

Randomness: can be attached to any medium, such as transparent glass, liquid crystal display equipment, LED display equipment, and so on

Fashion: The touch film is transparent and almost invisible to the naked eye

Technology: can penetrate glass or other media, realize finger motion sensing, all equipment are on the back of the media (glass), equipment management and asset safety are guaranteed

Shock: The size of the touch film is currently up to 167 inches on a single piece

PP/TPU /EVA/POE film is used in solar photovoltaic power station, building glass curtain wall, automobile glass, functional shed film, packaging film, hot melt adhesive and other industries.

PP/TPU /PVB/SGP film: is widely used in building sandwich glass, car sandwich glass, bulletproof glass, soundproof glass etc. With good safety function and prevent glass from breaking due to the effect of external force and shards spatter injury; With sound insulation, anti - ultraviolet function, can be made of color or high transparent film.

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