Complete set of equipment for Tubular drawing PET spunbond thermal bonding production line

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Modified asphalt waterproof coil is widely used in waterproof concrete building, such as building roof, underground structure, high-speed railway, tunnel, highway and railway bridge waterproof field.

Product Parameters

Raw materials PET chips
Product specification 20-240g/m²
Equipment work width series --1.6m--丨--2.4m--
Denier 1.0-4.0dpf
Production speed 5-70m/min
Drawing type Tubular air draft
Capacity 1500t/y 丨2200t/y

Product Introduction

Tubular drawing PET spunbond thermal bonding  nonwovens have the characteristics of high tensile strength, small transverse strength ratio, good dimensional stability, aging resistance and corrosion resistance.

Product Introduction1

Application Area

Mainly used for gas and liquid filter materials or composite filter materials, building reinforcement, household textiles, clothing interlining, floor leather base cloth, shed cover materials, packaging materials, etc.

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