T Slot Pet Spunbond Thermal Bonding Equipment

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Product Parameters

Raw materials PET、PLA chips
Product specification 10-150g/m2
Equipment work width series --1.6m-丨--2.4m-
Number of heads Single head/Double head
Denier 1.0-3.0dpf
Production speed Single head 15-150m/min 15-250m/min
Drawing type Slot draft
Single head Capacity 2400t/y丨3700t/y
Double head Capacity 4200t/y丨6300t/y

Product Introduction

The Whole plate slot drawing PET spunbond thermal bonding nonwovens have the characteristics of good uniformity, good dimensional stability, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and high longitudinal strength.

Product Introduction1

Application Area

Mainly used for gas and liquid filter material or composite filter material, household textile lining, clothing lining, cable wrapping cloth, packaging materials, simulation plants, wallpaper base cloth, agricultural covering film and so on.

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