Waste Felt Nonwoven Needle Punching Fabric Non Woven Making Machine

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1.Products Application:The product is widely applied to industry,packing .

2.Production process: A percentage of polyester staple fiber ,hollow staple polyester( waste fiber or waste cloth fiber) and low melting point fibers be opened and blended by opener, then carded and lapped with required thickness, and set by the process of needle to setting.

3.Raw Material:Polyester staple fiber, polyester fiber and west fiber .

4.Production Line Processing :
Bale Opener→Main opening→Big Cabinet Blender →main opener →Vibrating Feeder→double Cylinder double doff Carding Machine→Cross Lapper→pre-needle punching →main needle punching →main needle punching →main needle punching →ironing →Automatic Slitter and Winder

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