Thermal Material (vacuum Insulation Panel)

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Aerogel is a solid material with excellent heat insulation performance, with special microstructure such as high specific surface area, nanoscale holes and low density. It is known as “the magic material that changes the world”, also known as “terminal heat preservation and insulation material”, and is the lightest solid material at present. Aerogel is a material with three-dimensional nanonetwork porous structure, which has low density, high specific surface area, high porosity, low dielectric constant, low thermal conductivity and other physical characteristics. It has a wide range of application prospects in heat preservation and insulation, fire retardant, sound insulation and noise reduction, optics, electricity and other fields.

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Performance Characteristics

1. thin, heat insulation

The thermal insulation performance of VIP vacuum insulation board is 10 times that of traditional insulation materials with the same thickness (represented by polyurethane foam board), and it is the most advanced and efficient thermal insulation material in current refrigeration and refrigerating materials.

2. efficient energy saving

VIP VACUUM insulation board products used in refrigerators, freezers, can save 20% ~ 30% energy, and increase the effective volume of 20% ~ 30%.

3. environmental protection and no pollution

Dry core material manufacturing process pollution-free, low energy consumption, green environmental protection; At the same time, the diameter of dry core material fiber in 7~11 microns, in line with the European Union access standards.

4. Class A fire prevention

Made of 99% inorganic material, no poison and no stimulation, up to A class fire standard, does not burn in case of fire. 


VIP vacuum insulation board has the excellent characteristics of low thermal conductivity and A class fire rating, widely used in cold storage, cold storage, freezer and other refrigeration equipment field, save space, meet the fire protection requirements of insulation materials, reduce the difficulty of construction.

Thermal  (2)
Thermal  (1)
Model size Thermal conductivity 


thick(mm)  wide(mm) Long(mm)
VIP  5-50

(Can be customized)


(Can be customized)


(Can be customized)

Ⅱtype ≤0.005
Ⅳtype ≤0.012

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