Extrusion technology converts low quality recycled material into high quality blown film.

Extrusion technology turns low-quality recycled material into high-performance blown film: Blown film line manufacturer Reifenhäuser held a press conference at its K 2022 booth to present the latest developments in film extrusion, including the innovative EVO Fusion technology used for flattening quality plastic waste into valuable packaging products. Based on the concept of intelligent dosing, the core of the system is a co-rotating twin screw extruder, degasser and melt pump, “which isolate the blown film producer from large fluctuations in extraction quality and ensure stable production. process – even when working with low-quality input materials,” the company said.
With EVO Fusion, blown film manufacturers can convert previously unusable low-quality recycled materials into high-performance blown film for simple end-use applications such as trash bags or mailing bags, Reifenhäuser says. Until now, this low-grade ground material has only been used for simple, thick-walled injection molded products. Referring to a potential specific application, Reifenhäuser noted that India has a large amount of unopened PE and PET waste that can easily be turned into mailing bags.
Eugen Friedel, Sales Director at Reifenhäuser Blown Film, added: “In order to stimulate the circular economy, it is necessary to increase the recycling of blown products and limit traditional production runs. With EVO Fusion, we offer a unique process that enables customers to easily and economically process low-processed varieties into high-performance products and higher recyclate content, thus opening up new applications for processed products.”
The EVO Fusion process is based on direct extrusion, eliminating the need for energy-intensive and costly regranulation of raw materials. This means that fluff (film fragments) and all types of production waste and PCR material can also be processed directly.
This is achieved through twin screw technology, which better homogenizes the melt, ensuring a stable process. In addition, the processor can very easily and effectively degas the system, removing unwanted components from the recycle.
For better regranulation, Reifenhäuser recommends using the EVO Ultra single screw extruder. With optimized barriers and cutting and mixing components, the extruder can process recycled materials as reliably and naturally as other raw materials.
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Post time: Nov-07-2022