Middle Speed Pre-needle Punching Loom Nonwoven Making Machine

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1.width :3200mm

2.Stroke distance:60mm

3.Needle  destiny 450pcs/m, random arrangement by computer, diaφ1.83mm, aluminum alloys needle beam,and aluminum magnesium alloy downward needle plate with bore-hole,single polyurethane plated,air locked needle plate.;

4.Stroke Frequency: 0~500n/min;

5.Input  adopts  φ 159  seamless steel tube;

A.Outputφ200 air control;

B.Un-down Strip plate adopts turbine air lift control ;

C.Walking beam divide into two stage, connecting rod lift control ;

D.Guidepost adoptsφ50,surface hard chromium plating process, hardness to HRC55;

E.connecting rod adopts casting

F.Rollφ85 adopts around steel ;

G.Roll balance adoptsφ280balance disk system;

6.Whole structure adopts split mounting type;

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