Glass Fiber Heat Insulation Production Line

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Product Width Max 2300mm
Product Category Glass Fiber Heat Insulation Material
Raw Material 2.5 ~ 9dtex, 51~64mm PP or Bico Low Melt fiber,  mixed monofilament Glass Fiber chopped pieces, (φ9um X 70~120mm), 100% monofilament Glass Fiber chopped pieces (φ9um X 70~120mm).
Production Speed 1.5 ~7.5m/min
Product Info. GSM: 500 ~ 3500g/ m2 , Thickness: 5,10,15,20,25,30mm (normal: 20mm)
Production Capacity 1.8kg/ m2 x2.0m/min x 60 min/h x 2.2 m = 475kg (264 m2)/h
Glass Fiber Heat Insulation Production Line1

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